this is me

i looked up my strength finder the other day. always fun to share

1. arranger
2. developer
3. optimistic
4. empathy
5. belief

emma is sitting here being good. she got my spoon from my cereal, and i didn't notice. i look over and see her using it, very well, to eat her shredded wheat crumbs from her own bowl. she put all the big chunks into my bowl, ate her crumbs, and is now putting the chunks back into her bowl. i'll share the dramatic conclusion next time.

it is getting colder all the time. i don't know what we will find to do in the winter days. i suspect i will take a few drives to occupy us.

we went out to eat on saturday, and emma had about two breadsticks, two pieces of pizza, and half of a cinna stick. it looked like she hadn't eaten for days. so she was full!

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